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About Us


What’s HAVCOG?

Heart and Vascular Care of Georgia (HAVCOG) is an independently owned medical practice located in metro Atlanta that offers the latest in cardiovascular care with an emphasis on prevention. The mission of HAVCOG is to provide the highest relationship-based quality care for our patients. Our team proudly serves Coweta, Fayette, Troup, Heard, Harris, Meriwether and surrounding communities in Atlanta since 2009. We pride ourselves in staying up to date on the latest developments in treatment protocols, all while updating our staff frequently on new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Our team of specialists are proud members with good standing in highest quality treatment methods. The physician, nurse practitioners, nurses, and technicians at HAVCOG are continually learning ways to give their patients the best possible treatment options that are currently available. All staff strives to ensure they maintain an appreciation for quality patient care and better patient experience.

Dr. Angampally Rajeev is the Interventional Endovascular Cardiologist, owner & chairman of HAVCOG, a platform that has state-of-the-art technology and which provides for innovative care for patients at the HAVCOG Vascular Lab.


HAVCOG is proud to mention that in the past 7 years, our first vascular lab located in Lagrange GA has a procedure success rate of 99.2% (national benchmark is 96.3%, OEIS registry) and we have performed over 2052 total intervention cases since its launch in the year 2015 (October). This success rate has developed a confidence in us to open our 2nd state-of-the-art vascular laboratory in Newnan that offers the full spectrum of invasive & non-invasive diagnostic modalities for the detection and intervention of peripheral vascular disease.


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